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COMPANY : ZETA presentation
PRODUCT NAME : ZETA presentation
DETAILS SUMMARY : High Quality Fertilizer

Miracles of organic farming, high yield, and high quality are coming!!
5th generation fertilizer - ‘ZETA’
    “ZETA” is the 5th generation fertilizer which is developed to grasp two   hares for the first time in the world by pioneering a brand new area. It is a natural mineral fertilizer that realizes organic farming, which has been avoided due to the low productivity and the fragility to diseases.
    “ZETA” can drastically reduce the amount of pesticide with excellent     disease prevention capacity and makes it possible to increase the yield     greatly along with the crop production with high quality. You can           experience the innovative changes in crops before and after the use.    Also, the improvement to high quality, high yield, and storage life will    give you great impression like a miracle.
 ZETA changes water.
      “ZETA”, the 5th generation fertilizer, is developed to be mixed with water at the ratio of  1000∼5000 : 1. Although mineral fertilizer is not dissolved in water, “ZETA” has some physical characteristics that can produce strong structural ions in water and form hexagonal ring structure perfectly at room temperature by imprinting unique properties of water such as expansion, pressure, temperature, and other factors into mnemonic elements of water molecule. Induced by “ZETA”, water molecule shows strong binding power, disorganizes the hydration with ions, and enables the dispersion of suspended materials. Also, the best water with excellent affinity to crops is provided through the stable formation of hexagonal water arranged with binding array of molecules by forming Nano Clustered Water as Bio Water, which is the most appropriated state for plants with  increasing degree of freedom of water molecule. Water molecule, induced by “ZETA”, becomes highly energized and has high energy rotating bidirectionally to the inward and outward of molecular bond and atomic bond, keeping continuous energy efficiency.  Therefore, when ingested, the immune system of the plant is raised to the highest level  with strong resistance to diseases because of promoting the secretion of enzymes with  strong antibodies to harmful factors, and the growth is remarkably improved.
 1. Prevention of disease
       Crops are threatened by many external substances (air pollution, pathogenic bacteria, toxic substances)
      “ZETA” is developed as a catalyst for regulating the immune system of crops and as a      mechanism that helps and strengthens natural healing power. Thus, it maximizes the self immunity, stabilizes the immune system of crops, and promotes the metabolism. It adsorbs and absorbs pathogenic bacteria and weakens them by distributing them evenly inside the material accepted. Also, “ZETA” prevents the acidification of soil because it contains iodine; it develops into plasma cells and produces antibodies when ingested by crops, showing excellent disease prevention capacity through the formation of antigen-antibody- complex. The high binding ability, which is one of capacities of “ZETA”, is due to finely dispersed silicate compounds including hydro oxides. Thus it  has excellent characteristics  that can precipitate or entrap bacteria or toxic substances, which inhibit the growth of crops, on the surface. Through this function, it works to recover the weakened function of  crops due to diseases or chemicals and to eliminate the inhibitory factors. It is harmless because silicic acid in “ZETA” promotes the self interference of crops, and iron and manganese show preventive and recovery effects at the same time
2. Realization of environment-friendly agriculture.
     “ZETA” can prevent diseases by strengthening disease prevention capacity and maximized immune system and also reduce the use of organically synthesized toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers to the minimum. It is a very safe fertilizer without any toxicity to human  and animals and a pollution-free natural mineral fertilizer that solves problems due to residual toxicity and realizes the environment-friendly agriculture.
3. Guaranteed increase in quality & productivity.
      The important goal of agriculture is to increase the yield. High potency “ZETA” is a             bioactive material that can drastically increase the vitality of crops and improve the            productivity. It evenly provides high levels of nutrients that crops require and guarantee the quality improvement and the yield increase, giving chance to become the best       economical character.
4. Catalyst, energy component, & regulator of immune system
      There are many chemical and biological processes inside the plant cell that require the       presence of catalysts. A catalyst proceeds or affects a chemical reaction, or speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction. Catalysts are generally effective in small quantities and are not used up in the reaction. Many plant cells need the help of catalysts to control many reactions; cell differentiation, growth, and proliferation do not occur without enzymes or catalysts.   
      “ZETA” is the most excellent catalyst and enzyme that can produce ultra-strong crops and contribute to the quality improvement.
5. Provider of vital enzymes
       Enzymes are required in the health and growth of crops. Enzymes help regulatory        functions, detoxify, promote metabolism, and bind oxygen.
      “ZETA” is an important provider of vital enzymes.
◆ Miracle-working ZETA
      Developed for environment-friendly agriculture, “ZETA” has been successful  in establishing organic farming that was avoided due to weakness to harmful  insets and low productivity. When “ZETA” is applied, the immune system of a plant is    raised to the highest level and the resistance to diseases is maximized, realizing pesticide-free and low-pesticide agriculture. It was observed in the growth rate  experiments of our company that the productivity was drastically increased as     follows along with excellent quality improvement: 20-200% in fructiferous           vegetables, 20-55% in fruit trees, and 20-60% in grains. What is more, vegetablegrew too fast when “ZETA” was applied in the ratio of 1,000:1 to be timely         shipped to the market. Thus they were discarded and the amount of the fertilizer was readjusted to 2,000-3,000:1 to make a timely shipment to the market.
     “ZETA” can work a miracle to produce ultra-strong crops, to improve the quality, and to increase the productivity.

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